Everything started as it had to – chaotic. It was dark and probably even cold. It began to sparkle and a nuclear meltdown didn't seem so far away. The wind started to blow through the valleys and suddenly there as a loud bang. And here they stood – Hellvis. A name that seduces, a band that you obsessively want to see, but what can you expect?

Some call it Disco Punk or Electronic Rock. On the other hand there are some people who call it Dark Pop or even Industrial Pop, finally it's Electroclash. But because of the variety it's keeping interesting and for that the following people are responsible:


J.R. Hellvis

M.G. Hellvis


Dr. Rebel

the rocker, guitar player and psychotic mastermind

the goth, bass player and father of …

Miss Techno is taking care of the voice

the inscrutable and probably a descendant of Dr. Avalanche

How it could happen, that such different characters can create such wonderful sounds will remain a mystery.


We Are Hellvis, Your Favourite Whatever!



Who Is Who


Name: J.R. Hellvis

Responsibility: Guitar, Vocals

Influenced by: Aphex Twin, Black Sabbath, White Zombie and vegetative state dreams of Siberia

Drinks a lot of: Pineau des Charentes, Mauler, Cognac, El Diablo


Name: M.G. Hellvis

Responsibility: Bass, Backing Vocals

Influenced by: Welle Erdball, The Sisters of Mercy, The Jesus and Mary Chain

Drinks a lot of: corn schnapps coke


Name: Miss B

Responsibility: Vocals

Influenced by: Roisin Murphy, Sia, Esthero and life itself

Drinks a lot of: Rueda Verdejo, Pacifico, Agua de Jamaica



Name: Dr. Rebel

Responsibility: Electronic

Influenced by: My brother Vladimir and Atari

Drinks a lot of: Vodka with Jägermeister, Beer


© Hellvis